Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Skype FREE with the Fire Safety Dogs!

About the Fire Safety Dogs' Skype lesson 

The 30 minute program includes
children meeting a real fire safety dog, the reading of Hilton’s children’s fire safety book, singing fire safety songs & administering the Jr. Firefighter Oath by Hilton and a Fire Safety Dog. The time will also include a question and answer time.

The presentation will be adapted to the age of the audience so that the appropriate fire safety educational messages will be shared. If multiple classes are grouped together for a presentation, it is suggested that the students are close in age. 

  • Timeline
  • Introduction of a Fire Safety Dog
  • Selected reading
  • Sharing of fire safety tips
  • Singing of fire safety song
  • Jr. Firefighter Oath
  • Q & A

Students will learn four valuable fire safety messages that will help keep them & their family fire safe including:

  • Recognizing the firefighter as a helper & a friend
  • Knowing the sound & purpose of a smoke alarm
  • Understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map
  • Knowing when & how to crawl low

Best of all, it's FREE, thanks to our partners at First Alert and State Farm. The Skype program is brought to you by the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Watch Molly the Fire Safety Dogs' video HERE! Learn more HERE!